Tuesday, December 25, 2007

3rd Annual Wakayama/Nguyen Christmas

It was Caleb and Nixon's 1st Christmas together!
We had to do something extra special! :)

They exchanged gifts.
Nixon got spoiled with a really cool
Elmo book that makes noises!
and his second favorite
were the Kid's Bible songs cd.
Thanks, CJ!

It was fun for the WHOLE fam!

Lots of bonding..Best Buds!

Then we headed to Wild Animal Parks Festival of Lights.
These boys were champs! They did such a great job out past their bedtimes.

Nixon lucked out and was old enough to take a ride on his very first carousel!
Mommy enjoyed it more than him! :)

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Kim said...

Wow! This seems so long ago... :) Yay for more fun memories! Our boys are so cute, if I do say so myself, he,he! What a fun and special night! Here's to many more Christmas' together!!! :) xoxo!