Friday, December 21, 2007

"It's beginning to TASTE a lot like Christmas!"

My baking buddies :)

Grandma Norr's sugar twists! I loved my Grandma's cookies! Everyone loved em'! I miss them. I tried to start the sugar twist tradition this year. Hmm... they LOOK like Grandma's yummies... but something is different. Ryan said it best, "Their good, but they taste nothing like Grandma's." Darn! Maybe next year? (Aunt Cathy, what did I do wrong? I used unbleached white flour. Is that the problem? They taste like whole wheat?? Norr boys won't touch em'!))

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Gramps said...

Grandma's Sugar Twist cookies?? Don't stop trying - it's an age thing. My Mom mastered it in her late 40's, Cathy has it, you'll get it, and Ryan and I can't wait!!! Since we believe you're way ahead of the learning curve, we have high hopes for next Christmas. You could even plan a trial run in October (for any special events that may come up that month), and still have time to get any kinks out (unbleached flour??) by Christmas. Helpful Hints from Heloise! G.