Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our trip to Portland, OR

We traveled up to beautiful green and wet Portland, Oregon this last week. What a memorable trip for us all!
There was the GOOD, the bad, and the UGLY. :P

The GOOD. Downtown Portland is full of character and unique architecture--- oh, and really great shopping! We spent most of our time at a HUMONGOUS book shop called, Powell's. Very Indie; A reader's haven! I bought Nixon his very first Mother's Goose's nursery rhyme book. :) I have such fond memories lugging that big book around, as if it made me important, and my parents and grandma reading me those rhymes.

It was 34 degrees out! Uh, hello!!! Where are your jackets, San Diegans!!!

More GOOD. We also got to visit my really good friend Holly (she's a Spice Girl) and her family. She has the two cutest boys, Elliot and Simon. (Hol, I wished we lived closer! I love having you in my life. xoxo.)

The last GOOD. We did make great lasting memories with our travelmates, Kim, Pat, n' Caleb. One of the days, the boys got to see their first snow. We bundled them up so much so they were squealing! :)

Well, the GOOD sadly came to an end... and it got bad, then UGLY! Our poor little boys caught a violent stomach virus... it was the saddest thing ever! Milk and baby food coming out both ends... (oops, TMI?) fevers, chills, etc. We even found ourselves at the Emergency Room. Then it was like dominoes... kim got it, pat got it, I got it, then Yo... it was UGLY!!! All to say, we saw the rest of Oregon from our air mattress bed and the toilet! (Thank you Nguyen's for being the type of friends that will hold our hair back while were puking! If we had to be sick, we're glad it was with you!)

Happy New Year's! To a healthy start in 2008!


NixonsMamma said...

K2, I can ALMOST laugh about it all ...almost. And you? :)

Kim said...

Funny! I was thinking the same's at the "can you believe that really happened?" stage, definitely something to look back and laugh about! :) Ditto..on the part that at least we went through it with friends like you!!! :) Awwww, the memories!!! Love you guys! :)

amber dawn said...

Tira! That's horrible!!!
You poor guys and gals...and babes! Geesh...what's the holiday season if you don't get sick, though???
We caught a bug too.
Ho ho ho...Merry Christmas, huh! ;)

trieowen said...

Tis' the season! All four of us must have been with you in spirit...glad you had a good time before it hit ya though :-) Sound's like it was a fun trip!

Melissa Koehler said...

You poor things! I hope you are feeling better!
I think a game night is in order soon