Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Nixon had to go "weigh-in" today, due to the fact that his last doc appointment he was in the 3rd percentile in weight (95% in head circumference! hmm.. big head, little body?) Well, he got on the scale, and my little man gained a pound! Yaay! Now in the 10th percentile. :) (Side note: I'm so glad they don't put us adults in percentiles! Can you imagine? You could really damage a woman!)

These cheeks- alone! weigh one pound each! :)


Kim said...

Oh my goodness, he is just way too adorable! I just want to squeeze him!!! :) Yay for the weight gain, considering he probably lost a pound or two in Oregon alone :( Keep on eating Nix! :) xoxo!

Yoichi said...

Go Nix! double digit percentile!

amber dawn said...

Ha ha! That's hilarious!!! He is so cute...what a big LITTLE boy!

MKoehler said...

Wow, your kid is cute. Keep up the good work. They grow up so fast. Also, thank you for visiting my new blog. I hope everyone will enjoy what I do.
Matthew Koehler