Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Weekend

We started off our long weekend @ Seaworld
(thanks for the annual passes uncle ryno!!)

Nix was entranced by the dolphin show
(no, we didn't sit in the splash zone!)

Entranced, I tell ya! :)

"Mom, did you say there was milk in this?"

On our way out, we were so happy to see that they are changing
Captain Kid's World to Sesame Street World, featuring Elmo!
Whaddya' know! Nix's buddy :)
(notice his, "mom & dad, i'm done. let's nap" look)

Sunday, after church Daddy took Nixon to the swings.
(due to popular demand....)

I love his little giggle on the swing.
(sorry that you have to tilt your head or your computer monitor
to see this one!)

Slidin' w/Mommy


Countdown is on... Our lil' monster will be ONE in 6 day!


Caleb's mommy said...

Yay for a fun filled family weekend together :) I love the video of Nix enjoying the swing and the shot in front of elmo! :) Can't wait to celebrate his Bday Elmo style!!! :) xoxo!

trieowen said...

Oh, that looks so fun and cute! I LOVE Nixon's little giggle on the swing :-) You guys are such an adorable family no doubt!!

amber dawn said...

Whoa! It looks like he almost got whiplash! HA ha! Those rough dads! =)
Looks like you guys had fun! His little laugh is sooo cute!