Friday, February 8, 2008

A week in the life of Nixon

We kicked off the week with a fun Sing Along & Story Time at the Library. It was sooooooooooo great for the kids! Nixon stomped like a dinosaur, clapped his hands, and stood in awe at the big kids who surrounded him with song and dance.
These boys just couldn't stop giggling and smiling after
song & story time.
Nix and Gramps also voted on Super Tuesday!
At the end of the week, the girls ganged up on Nixon at playdate...

his bud Ethan cheered him on.

We also found a new cheap toy around the house; a box!
I mean... Nix's race car!
He loves being pushed around in it, while making "brrrrr... honk, honk" sounds.
And finally, today is Friday! Mommy & Nixon are wiped out.
We declared it Pajama day! All day! :)
Time for a nap, Mom!


Caleb's mommy said...

Yay! What a fun week!!! :) You have to send me that shot of CJ & Nix..too cute!!! I din't get any with them both smiling at the same time :) I like the sound of a PJ day!!! xoxo!

P.s. Just and FYI...this post got posted twice on your blog :)

trieowen said...

how cute! a whole week all summed up. nix and grandpa voting is adorable :-)