Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pre-Easter Festivities!

What a beautiful day
to enjoy SD!

Family hike @ Torrey Pines

hunka hunka burnin' love!

(i'm not striking a pose, promise! i'm holding onto the bark of the tree.)


Such a fun trail! If you ever want to go for a hike, give us a call!


amber dawn said...

Ooh how fun! It looks so that the beach? You mean we live close to it??? =) Ha ha!
Looks like you guys had a blast! The picture of you posing ROCKS! You should be in a magazine! HA ha!

sean said...

Wild life... I didn't think you had it in you T, I'm grinning ear to ear... (issue 1 pat on back)

NixonsMamma said...

Sean, i deserve 2 pats! i'm carrying the pack aren't i! haha!

Sgt Sean said...

issue 2 pats if, and only if, there wasn't 1 complaint, 1 grunt, or eye rolling the whole time baggage was in tow.