Friday, May 23, 2008

dear friends... xoxo

On Monday, I was so excited to drive up to Carlsbad and meet up with one of my long lost girlfriends, Jena Glynn and her fam. I was so happy to hear that she was in my neck of the woods, because she resides up North... in a land far, far, away! She's an original Spice Girl from my Biola days. I can't believe I've known and loved her for 13 years! Wowzers! She's amazing, you guys! Mommy of 3 beautiful well-mannered kids, husband to an awesome fireman (Shout out, Shawn!), Home School Teacher to Josiah, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Lactation Consultant/and Birthing Coach, Bible Study Leader, and my Mommy Mentor (she taught me all about Babywise and making my own babyfood. Yo thanks you Jena for saving us so many sleepless nights and saving us moola! $) Biola was such a wonderful time in life- Jena and I are convinced our kiddos will go there! :) We turned out "normal," right? heh,heh. If you want to see the other Spice Girls, check out my friend Beth's (Ginger Spice) blog. Her most recent entry called "Friends that go the distance."
Here is Jena, Josiah, Silas, and "Bebe" (short for Bethel)
Bebe is so sweet and 100% girl! :)
I think Nixon secretly liked all the attention from her!
Ooh, look what I found!
A picture of all of us Spice Girls at last year's reunion.
(jena had just finished running a marathon! yes 26.2 miles!)

Jena, thanks for making time to connect with me! :) Thanks for pouring into my life these last 13 years. I appreciate you so much!


jena said...

I'm not sure how you do this...will my words come up on your screen? Since I found your comments on my blog I decided to figure this out. You're the guinea pig ha ha

trieowen said...

How fun! It's cool to connect with old friends and great to have a mommy mentor! Her kids are so precious :-)

Caleb's mommy said...

Awww! So cute! Jena seems like such a sweetheart and an awesome mommy & wife...what a blessing to have her in your life! :)