Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Bug's Life

The Burmeisters threw The Babies, their first Halloween party.
Theme: Bug's Life. So much fun!
We had a Japanese beetle, bumble bees, caterpillar, spider,
lady bugs, butterflies... you name it!
Too bad they only lasted 20min. TOPS- before they
were all down to their diapers, all over the floor! :)
Butterfly, Caterpillar, and "Butterfly Breeder."
(haha! Is there such a thing? Can you tell we got desperate with
Yo's costume. He had a net and vest,... somewhere!)

Such a fun night! Yummy food, cute costumes, spooky decorated home!
Thanks Amber! This night will go down in history as
Nixon's 1st Halloween!


Kim said...

Way, way too cute!!! Love the whole butterfly theme, very creative! :) Nix's caterpillar costume really did come out GREAT!!! Good job! What a fun night!!! Next year Caleb will be able to play with the big kids! :)

lorenzstudio said...

Sorry we missed the party, but it is desert season now! You should probably be thankful we didn't make it because when Sean heard about the Bug theme, he said he wanted to go as a Transformer. Boys!

Anonymous said...

Transformers rule!!!