Friday, October 26, 2007

Ok, I have a crush... (don't tell yo!) haha. :)

Steve CarellI know, I'm sooo behind on this guy... I don't watch a lot of tv.
I stumbled across this show last season, but thought it did not make any sense.
My brother "Ryno" convinced me to give it another try.
Well, in the last two weeks, I must confess (being the good Christian girl that I am!)
I have found myself THOROUGHLY amused at The Office.
(and finally fought Yo onto letting me have the remote control!)
Steve Carell is just naturally hilarious! We watched Evan Almighty last weekend.
I'm starting to think I just might have to invest in the first 3 seasons of The Office to catch up!
Oooh, I can't wait til next Thursday night! :)


trieowen said...

oh my gosh tira! where have you been :-) The Office is my all time number one favorite show! So glad you joined the band wagon. You HAVE to rent the first two seasons to catch up, then you'll really appreciate what's going on...especailly between Jim&Pam.

NixonsMamma said...

Oh my gosh, can i just tell you how hilariously strange I think Dwight is! :) I kinda knew someone like him in college! :) haha. Yeah... Jim and Pam, I'm assuming their the ones that are starting to date. I thought it was so funny when he asked her out via intercom with his buddies singing! :)