Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Please join us! :)

Hey Friends, I'd like to invite you to a really cool event coming up. My good friend/hair stylist Erin is participating in Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. It's amazing! She will walk 20 miles for 3 days straight (a total of 60 miles!)to personally make a difference in the fight for breast cancer. If you talk to Erin you can see her sincere passion for this walk and more importantly for finding a cure. Like her, I know women who have been victims of breast cancer. My Grandma did not survive breast cancer.
So... if you'd like to show your support while having a fun night out, see ticket below.
Fashion show, local SD music bands, raffles, great food and drinks, etc.
Awesome venue; the Stinagaree, downtown SD.
My brother Ryan and Erin have worked very hard to book this event, they have gotten all the sponsors, and they really know how to throw a party! It's guaranteed to be a fun night!

*Also, if you're an Oprah fan... we've all seen enough of her "Womenly" shows
to know the importance of regular mammograms and breast exams. It's never too early
to prevent and detect breast cancer. For more info, click on
Thanks for letting me plug this important event! :)

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