Tuesday, November 6, 2007

REBEL with a Cause

Yo bought me a cool new toy for my 30th! :)
Canon Rebel XTi.
For those of you who don't know what that is (me included!)
It's a couple steps up from a "point n' shoot" camera; it's a digital camera an amateur can play with and take good quality photos. But boy does it make you "feel professional", esp. if you have the camera strap on! :)
I have so much to learn, but it sure is fun having a camera with so many options. I can't believe how clear the pics come out. And how quickly the shudder opens and closes! Rapid speed! :)
I'm embarassed to post our first pics with the camera, b/c I wish
they were perfect! But Yo reminded me... we're beginners!

My Birthday Adventure....
1st stop, San Diego Zoo.
(i have a zoo pass now, does anyone wanna go?)
Little fussy Monkey!
Peeking Chimp :) Next stop: Royal India (da' bomb Indian food downtown!)
Check out that Lamb Curry-- seconds please, yum!
Here's the Indian couch we sat on; good shot hon!

Last stop: A quick model shoot on the way back to our car.
I needed a "subject"-- found one! Isn't he cute?

I'm spoiled. xoxox.


Yoichi said...

wow, your good enought to be amber or missi's second shooter!

NixonsMamma said...

good one hon! i love that your blinded by love! :)

Anonymous said...

We broke down and bought a Rebel after we had Julia. Our old digital wasn't cutting it. By the time you snap a pic Julia was falling over, so with the rebel we can snap way too many pictures. We love it! And Jen has been getting lessons from Amber so she is on her way to being professional.

Todd Peterson

Julia's Mom said...

I love having the rebel. i have soooo much to learn though. But... with time. The zoo sounds fun. We'll go there with the playdate. ;o)

Kim said...

Yay for great birthdays and wonderful birthday gifts! :) I'm sure you'll be a pro with that camera in no time! :) Can't wait to take a zoo trip with our boys! :)

Annadee said...

Congratulations!! Great pics! I have the 30D and wow... what a difference an SLR can make. I know what you mean about having the camera strap on. Out here people think I am from the media or something. They won't let me in places with my camera. It's funny because I really don't even know what I'm doing! :) I cant' wait to get back to the states so I can take some classses. Have fun and be patient with yourself. I always have to remind myself to do that!!

Anonymous said...

1st Annual Rookie Photo Shoot off is ON! Bring it!!!

You heard it on Wakayamamamma first.

LORENZindustries.com is throwing up $100 in prize Money.

Here's how I think we'll play it so everybody has a shot. We'll break it down into two Camera categories. With $50 to each winner to be awarded at Clairmont Mesa Outback Steak House on March 29th.

$50 to the each of the best shots taken with a:

DSLR and Point and Shoot Camera

-Rookies only. Amber and Missy your disqualified, sorry. (We might amend this in 4 months when the Rookies had a chance to learn some tricks)
-Mark and Aaron can play WITHOUT the guidance of their Professional Photographer wives, though Aaron is borderline questionable because I've seen a Camera in his hands before... You make the call Big Cheese. Rookie or not?
-Every 2 Weeks you can submit your 1 best shot with a DSLR and 1 best shot with a Point and Shoot Camera to Suzy@LORENZindustries.com
-Each spouse/person can submit 1 DSLR shot and 1 Point and Shoot Camera shot every 2 weeks.
-Submissions deadlines are the first and second Saturday of every month. (So we can razz each other at church the next day.) The first submission is due Saturday the 17th of NOV.
-Voting and Judging details to be announced. (My Ears are open to all ideas)
-Photos entries will be posted on every bodies blogs or websites and at LORENZindustries.com/rookieshots
-Rules to can be amended at any time so I win.

Lorenzen's vs Wakayama's vs Mark Koeler vs Nyugen's vs Conover's vs Owen's vs Aaron Burmister vs Knor's vs Melius' vs Warren's vs Stacy vs anybody else who wants a piece ..?.. (the more the marrier! I've never been timid about taking out somebody I didn't know... Bring it!)


NixonsMamma said...

I'm game! :) But I get to meet one-on-one with Missi and Amber for some tips first! :) And dude... yo and suzy already have a head start b/c their "artsy!" Sucks for me!

Anonymous said...

No one-on-ones allowed cheater. Read the manual. I'm on page 14 already!


Melissa Koehler said...

Yeah for cameras!!
-Dude, you better get on this challenge girl!

AshleeB said...

I got a rebel last year for my b-day- LOVE IT! Aren't hubby's great?