Friday, November 2, 2007

So long 20's! You've been good to me! :)

Well, this marks new territory for me... I will now join the 30's Club.
(by the way, is that Over-the-Hill? )
This is what Nixon thinks about Mommy turning 30.Ya' know, my 20's were good to me... just to reminisce: I graduated
from BIOLA at age 20, I lived in China for a year, traveled to Thailand, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, received my Masters in Teaching, taught some of the cutest and most talented 4th graders, made some of my most treasured friends, got my first boyfriend (shout out to Yoichi!), had my first kiss, got married, and had a baby (all with Yoichi! and in that order- haha!)!!
Besides those big events, or "rites of passage," I learned many lessons in life too. True wisdom that, I think, only comes with age... :) I think back to my early 20's and how insecure I was. I lacked such confidence; so unsure of who I was, and who I wanted to be. Living more to please others, and was scared of the world around me. I'm so grateful now that as I enter my 30's that I know more of WHO I AM and I'm okay with that. I've broken free from legalism-living, and become more comfortable with accepting and giving grace. I can't be perfect, and either can the people around me. That's a huge lesson! :) I also think in my early 20's I always wanted to be someone else, but now I find myself striving to be more "ME,"
Tira Seville Wakayama. Comfortable in my own skin.
You know what, I think my 30's can be the NEW 20's! :)
...more travels, new adventures, new dreams, more babies, more lessons to learn.
I'll let ya know how it goes, all you youngins out there!


Kim said...

Wow, you actually posted your full name, middle name and all for all to see!!! I'm shocked! :) he,he!!! Yay! I love this post, I'm so blessed by the wonderful person you are, I love traveling through this life with ya!!! :) Your 30's will be Fantastic! I know it!!! xoxo!
P.S. And how many more babies are we talking??? :)

trieowen said...

This is so awesome Tira! You are such a beautiful and amazing person. Every year I know you more is such a blessing. I thank God for bringing a strong Christian woman in my life like you. Every decade is the begginning to an even GREATER one! Yeah, whens that next baby coming? :-)

lorenzstudio said...

Welcome to 30! You are going to love it!!

Anonymous said...

chicks....are you guys always so mushy?

Happy b-day. Let's see some shots with the new Camera/b-day present.


Annadee said...

Welcome to the club! I am absolutely loving my 30's! Now I just can't wait to join the baby club with you. Won't be too much longer!! :)

Yoichi said...

You are hotter now than when you were in your 20's! Im so thankful I married the best :)
Love ya


Anonymous said...

Hey - I got your link from my mom - what a fun recap of your 20's! I feel like I am up to speed and now get to enjoy your 30's real time! Happy Birthday (belated0!!

Karla (your cuz!)

Sarah said...

I have to echo Kim...I literally gasped when I saw your full name typed out!! Way to live into who you are Tira!!! :)

Welcome to 30. It really isn't as scary as the movies make it out to be. And by the the haircut! I swear that is exactly what I tried to talk you into back at Biola! ha! :)

Gramps said...

What you talkin about, Willis ??? (Yoichi) Tira's "better in her 30's" ??

Does he know I'm monitoring this blog? I still don't like the idea of his hands on my innocent baby girl!!!

Course if it gets me another Nixon, I'll think on it some. G.