Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Have you VOTED today?

Nixon: "I cast my vote, but obviously my parents don't consider my vote when it comes to my hair."

oops, now i remember why we were growing it out-- it STICKS STRAIGHT UP when short! :)oh well! after seeing the pic of nixon on Kim's blog, yo and i decided our boy needs a hair cut!

On a more serious note, hope you were able to get out to the polls today! if you aren't registered, be sure to register so you can vote in November!



Caleb's mommy said...

Awww! He's so cute! I like the new haircut!!! It makes him look like such a big boy!!! :) Give him a big hug for us!!! xoxo

trieowen said...

I LOVE his new haircut! He's so cute and looks like a big boy now for sure:-) We miss him and you and can't wait to hang out again! Hugs!

ps. why do you use the word verification thingy before you can submit a comment?

NixonsMamma said...

Ahh thanks! His hair is more maneagable! :) I still think he's cute, but it is a big difference! Now we can see his 90th percentile noggin! heh,heh!

and rox, i do the word verification so I don't get those solicitors posting on my blog. Tricky!

jena said...

My vote is for long hair...where did it go. Now he looks like a big boy =(