Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Yoichi!

Balboa Island/Newport Beach; "Pre" Birthday Festivities I surprised Yo and took him to the John Mayer concert in Irvine. A date without Nix! Nix had his own festivities, he had his first sleepover at Mimmy and Gramps!

When we picked up Nixon the next day, he needed extra snuggles.

Then last night, Yo was surprised to find some of his buddies "pop on over" for some cake to celebrate his "old manhood!" (insert Pat in pic, he was outside)

The icing on the cake said, "Happy Birthday, Sugar Daddy!" (imagine requesting that wording at the European Cake Gallery! embarassing! but so worth it!)

Happy Birthday Hon! We love you! Thanks for working so hard so that I can stay home with Nixon (You truly are my sugar daddy! haha). You never complain, even after long days! And I love how you are such a family man. Thanks for always thinking of fun ways to spend time together, the three of us! Nixon has a great godly role model! Love ya! xoxo.
YESSS! You're older than me! haaa!


Yoichi said...

Thanks for all the fun weve had this week for my bday! John mayer, balboa Is, surprise party, cool shirt..
You Spoil the suga daddy! ha

Caleb's mommy said...

T, You did a great job spoiling your hubby for his bday!!! :)

I love the pic of you two at Balboa island! You guys are just too cute together...what a fun date night, just you and him!!!

Happy 32nd Yo!!! Here's too many, many, many more!!! :) We love you guys!

Sean said...

dog pile!....

next time

side note, can you pull that lame "word verification" off the comment section. It's cramping my style. (pda doesn't take to kindly to it)

amber dawn said...

Ha ha! I got your message on the way home yesterday, T! I'm proud of you for giving up the babe for a night...wasn't it worth it?!?! =)
Hopefully it gave you two some good snuggle time. ;)

(ps. Abbey had her arms clenched around my neck for about 10 minutes straight! She was so cute...didn't want to let go. Ahhhh!!
Camp was amazing...but it's so good to be back!

Ashlee Denaro Bruford said...

wow the little guy looks like you as a little kid there! From what I can remember, anyway. Hey- sorry I've been so bad about this whole blog and comments thing- overwhelmed, I guess. But great to hear from you! Such a cute little family!