Monday, November 17, 2008

Taking Care of Mommy

I spent the weekend in Colorado with my bestfriends (aka The Spice Girls!) from Biola. 3 un-interrupted days of girl time and celebration of Beth's ("Ginger Spice") marriage to Scott. As some of you know, the days leading up to my departure were a little guilt-ridden. I felt so torn about leaving my boys for the first time... for such a long time.

Well, what a weekend! I went, and I have no regrets! :) I needed this! :) I treasure all the talks we had into the wee hours of the night! Every one of us girls sharing our hearts, our lives, and speaking such truth and love into each other. I came with a few burdens on my heart, and left with clarity of mind and peace. That's what good girlfriends do for each other, right? Lighten the load and offer sweet grace. :)

Something really moved me yesterday as I was on my flight home. At this point, I was soooo excited and anxious to see my boys! I was sitting alone and the flight attendants were going over the emergency plan before take-off. When the flight attendant acted out applying the oxygen mask in case of a change in air pressure, I couldn't help but find a deeper meaning in what he was saying and doing. He said, be sure to apply the oxygen mask to yourself first, before you try to help others. And then he acted out putting it on himself, THEN to a young child sitting in the first seat in front of him. If you are like me, I would instinctively want to put the face mask on my child first. I think that's what a lot of us Mom's do naturally.
Our children and husbands, first.
, we take care of ourselves.
But if you think about it, Mr. Flight Attendant is right. We need to put on our masks first, so we can more efficiently help those around us. Woah! You mean I shouldn't feel guilty for leaving this weekend and taking time for myself? You mean us Mommy's need to take care of ourselves, so that we can better take care of our loved ones? Maybe I'm stretching this whole oxygen mask analogy... :) but, I can't explain how renewed, joyful, and grateful I feel today! I'm back! :)

You know what? It was the best thing I could've done for myself and for my family!
"Spice up your life!"


Caleb's mommy said...

Awwww! YAY! I am SO glad that you had such and AWESOME, refreshing time with your sweet Spice Girls!!! You TOTALLY deserve that weekend away for ALL you do for EVERYONE in your life!!!! :)

You're so right, sometimes it's ok to just think about ourselves and what WE need!!! When we take care of us, we definitely are better for everyone else around us, hubbies, kids, friends, etc! I need to remember that! Good lesson, for sure!

Glad your home though, we definitely did miss ya tons!!! Love ya girl! xoxo

Smarshie said...

OOoooooo what an awesome picture! You ladies are all beautiful and amazing.

Sharon M. Smith said...

Isn't that true. I have had that same thought when I have heard the flight attendant say take care of yourself first, because basically we are more prepared to take care and be there for others when we have taken care of ourselves! Who wants a grouchy mom or wife anyway?