Wednesday, December 3, 2008

day of love! xoxo

my attempt to be romantic and creative like my husband
still came in 2nd
Happy 73rd, Love!


Yoichi said...

That was a great start to my day!
73 months! It keeps getting better :)

Caleb's mommy said...

You guys are just way too cute!!! I LOVE the 73 shaped pancakes!!! :)

The Barroga Family said...

Wow a pancake made into a number!!! That's what I call creative. Way to go!!! I'm sure yo doesn't think you are second!! It's awesome that you celebrate every month =)

p.s. I finally figured out how to share my blog.


NixonsMamma said...

They (the pancakes) look whacked out, but you get the picture! :)

Uncle Tom and AuntCathy said...

Hi Tira and Yoichi...Cathy and I now count anniversaries by the Decade :) @ 4 and counting !

We are at 486 months...

It was a "sad celebration" (not an oxymron)at Grandpa's funeral but it was great having you and your dad at the Fawns Way Inn.

We look forward to more H Norr extended family get togethers...lots of great times and memories still to come.

Love Uncle Tom (and Aunt Cathy)

P.S. I saw a comment on an early blog post that "you looked good pregnant"...I got all excited and called Aunt Cathy to come and read b/4 I figured out it was and early (Nixon era)picture when you and Yo visited Grandpa. I thought I had uncovered a secret!! Welllll you never know???? TMR