Sunday, January 18, 2009

Summer in January

Even though the calendar says it's Winter, right now the weather is telling us it is SUMMER! That means you can find us Wakayama's OUTSIDE! :)

running around with the Croucher girls
"cheers!" to churros
(please tell me you've had a Costco churro; that's not a seasonal item. whew!)

exploring the OB Pier
flip-flops required

and then there's strolls around Lake Murray

Winter are you really gone? Or are you just hiding?
i'd still like to wear my UGGS a couple more times.


Caleb's mommy said...

I know it's so crazy that we're out enjoying the warm sun in the middle of January...only in SD!!! :) haha!

I LOVE the pics of Nix and Chrissy, he looks so happy! :)

And I must say all our kiddos on the pier are pretty adorable!!! xoxo

The Barroga Family said...

I miss winter and want to wear my uggs too. I do actually wear them but I end up sweating like a you know what haha!!!

All the kiddos are so adorable =) I can't wait to enjoy outings like this with Dylan.

danielle said...

hi mrs.wakayama how are you ?
im danielle i cant contact you on hotmail so heres mine ........

so if you can messege me i have to tell you lots and lots of stuff...
okay LOVE YOU GUYS........


Sharon M. Smith said...

I am not ready to pack up my boots, tights, nor sweaters! It's like we can only where these items of clothing for one month around here. The bummer thing is that back east and Mid-west they are having record lows. What about a happy medium. Your photos are fun and it looks as if you are taking advantage of the warm weather.

amber dawn said...

Oooh, call us the next time you go to Lake Murray! :) We'll join you!
It was soooo great to hang out tonight! Thanks for inviting us to YUMMY food!!! I seriously can't wait till next time...already! ;)