Friday, March 13, 2009

The SKY is falling!

I had to share a funny story... (I'm hoping it isn't foreshadow for how the rest of my weekend will be.)

Like all of you, I love Fridays! I most especially like starting my Fridays off with an awesome sweaty workout at the gym. I had just finished and was talking/walking with Nix, I was about headed upstairs to the exit when something fell from above and hit me in the head! OUCH!!! I looked down (my world spinning a little, and a tad-bit embarassed) and it was a hot pink yoga mat! WHAT!?!?!

Isn't that crazy!? Who gets hit in the head by a yoga mat!?! Only me! :(

Happy Friday.
Be careful, it's rough out there!



Caleb's mommy said...

You are too funny! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day! :) Not that I'm laughing at your pain, just the way you tell it! :) So glad it was only a yoga mat and not a light fixture or something! :) xoxo

Praying nothing falls from the sky while your at D-Land tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, remember Tira, it was Friday the 13th. Ha ha


amber dawn said...

HA HA!!!! LOL! Oh my gosh! You had me laughing out loud on that one! :) So funny!
I hope today went a little better for you? ;)

NixonsMamma said...

Julie, I TOTALLY forgot it was Friday the 13th!!hahaa.

Next time I'll be more aware of my surroundings! hahaa.