Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Training-- Yaay, Baseball season is almost here!

This last weekend we road-tripped out to Peoria, AZ to watch the SD Padres play. Despite the fact we barely know any of the players on the team this year (and we are deeply grieving the loss of Hoffman), we remain faithful Padres fans. :)

Spring Training is something else! I love it! The ball park is much more intimate, you can practically hear all the conversations on-field, and the players willingly hang out and chat with fans and give out autographs. Nixon scored and got Giles and Kooz's autograph. We're pretty sure that Yo and I would never get autographs unless we had a cute kiddo in our hands- that seems to attract nice baseball players. :)

We hope to make this road-trip an annual tradition! Hopefully Papa Norr & Uncle Ryno will come with us next time!

this little walk-in-closet became The Boy's "Fort." No Mommy's allowed! :) At 7am we could hear Nix and Nate running back n' forth and my son "dictating"- "close it!" "open it!" "inside!" "let's go!"

The bathtub was also their hangout. Nix loved playing with an older kid. He was in awe of Nathaniel. :) So cute to watch them play!

#1 Padre Fan April and I. Love this girl to pieces! She's like family to us!
My Student Teacher from a couple years ago/friend was also at the game. So great to re-connect with her. :) Miss ya, Leah!

Nix did great the whole entire 4hour game! He kept entertained in our seats, and even learned some new baseball vocabulary! :) I can't wait to root for him when he plays Little League- I'll try not to be that annoying LOUD Mom that just loves her son too much and gets in fight with mom's from the other team! :)

after the 7th-inning stretch, came the 8th-inning snooze for Nix. what an awesome kid! held out as long as he could! :)

April 6th is Opening Day... Go Padres!


Amy said...

How fun! Jeff grew up in SD and went to many of the games as a kid! Now, not so much. Go Padres!

Caleb's mommy said...

Yay! So glad you guys had such a super fun weekend! All the pictures are awesome! Looks like Nix especially had a blast! :)

The Barroga Family said...

I love you picturs =) Did you get to watch batting practice? What do you think of the team this year? I hope it's good, we should go to a game =) Glad you had a great time, I can't wait to go next year and take Dylan =)

amber dawn said...

yeah! I'm glad you guys had a great time! :)
Okay...so I've been meaning to say this before but keep forgetting...you should upload the larger images on your blog. :) I love seeing what's goin' on with you guys...but sometimes its hard to 'see'.
So glad you had a blast..without getting the flu! Nix is so cute...

The Barroga Family said...

To answer your question, we would love to caravan to Peoria next year with you =) that would be fun. We love the Zoo too, do you have passes? If so we should go one of these days =)