Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gluttony and elastic pants...

Meet our Buffet Buddies. We are a group of friends seriously committed to good FREE food. We have searched high and low for all types of free buffets in San Diego, and about once a month we partake! This month was extra special because it marked our 1 Year Anniversary of being an actual Buffet Club. We started at Valley View last year for the Free Membership Meal... and here we are again, taking advantage of the FREE Bday Meal- celebrating Laurel, Yo, and Pat's bday.

Laurel's specialty- sweet potatoe fries & collared greens

Emir's plateS are always packed with protein!

I think Kim goes just for the dessert buffet! :)
Pat- Lobster and Crab legs all the way!
I'm all about the prime rib!

Yoichi- Surf n' Turf, baby!
The Buffet Buddies highly suggest and endorse Valley View Buffet!
6 bellies up!


Anonymous said...

6 lobsters in one sitting is a little crazy... you can see it in my eyes, lob overload!

Caleb's mommy said...

LOVE it!!! So fun! Can't believe it's already been a year!!! :) My plate WOULD have been packed with lobster & crab legs (oh and shrimp) like my hubby, if I wasn't being a good pregnant mama!!! ;) But yes, the dessert part is pretty awesome!!! ;) he,he!

NixonsMamma said...

Yes, next year we will be able to eat all the lobster and shelled fish we want!!!! :)

and i bet we'll find we have more room in there too!

yumm.... prime rib with horseradish is dancing around in my head!

Jim Norr said...

The next "deadly sin", after gluttony, is SLOTH which is the by product of too many trips to the buffet. You're on a roll, guys!

Sharon M. Smith said...

Way to go! Eating guilt free makes everything taste better. We'll have to get some buffet references from you sometime bc Clif & I just love seafood.