Monday, October 12, 2009

My Dad's Bday

October is a great month! The weather grows cooler and my Dad and brother grow O-L-D-E-R! :) Yesterday, my Dad turned 61! We started off with dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

Intrigued by the foam on my dad's "apple juice."
"Mimi, you're a camel!"
People say they look alike. They def. act alike! Trouble-makers! :)

i HAD to include this picture, it makes me laugh SOOOO hard! I can't think of the perfect caption... but something from an Austin Powers movie, maybe?? :)
yet another FULL expression from my Dad! :)
you know he was having a blast!
The Baker and her Taste-Tester :)
The double-layer cake, and Nix in a "sugar-coma" in the background.


Yoichi said...

What a fun day... that 14 pc sashimi was off the hook too..ha
We are bday packed from october to feb now!

Gramps said...

advise folks not to click on photos for enlargment, pls. The ones of me are reminiscent of the moon landing, if you know what I mean... can anyone say CRATER Face? pass the botox, pls.

Gramps said...

after Yo killed the platter of sashimi, I swore he would look more pregnant that Tira.

Gramps said...

Funiest line of the day goes to Nixon. When Mimi said, wanna ride the horsie? his answer was, no, you're a camel! (how old is this guy????)

Caleb's mommy said...

Looks like tons of fun!!! I love all your dad's comments on the post! :) he,he!!!

I was just remembering how we celebrated his bday last year...awww great memories!!! :)

Have another Great year Papa Norr! :) xoxo