Friday, October 9, 2009


When the temps fall below 75 in SD, Fall has arrived! A perfect time to eat Sukiyaki or "hot pot." Yo and I both grew up eating hot pot when we were younger, and last year my Mom gave me my very own hot pot so we could enjoy it at the Wakayama dinner table. This week was the first "chilly" week and we kicked off this "warm eating" at Yoichi's Mom's house. Soooo yummy!

Uncle Eric, Gramma Leiko, Nix, Yoichi

If you've never had it, come by this Winter and we'll cook up some yummy noodles, meat, tofu, and veggies together! We'll keep ya warm! :)


King & Lea Perez said...

We looove hot pots. We're coming by for dinner... =)

M&D's Mommy said...

We love sukiyaki! We eat it in the summer too! I need to get a better hot pot like yours.

Anonymous said...

I am going to that store tomorrow Tira. I am soooo making that for dinner. Yum!


amber dawn said...

Is it too early to put that in for my vote (for after #2 is born?) ha ha! We wanna come over!!! Sounds soooo yummy! Leave it to the 'foodies' of the group to invite themselves over. ;)

Caleb's mommy said...

Mmmm! We definitely need to do a hot pot dinner together again, soooo yummy!!! :) xo

P.s. Wow check out Eric's hair! :)