Monday, November 9, 2009

Potty Boot Camp

I have been hesitant to blog about my potty training experience with Nixon because I didn't want to jynx it! :) Now that we have gone a whole week (in kid world (esp. regarding pee-pee) 7 days is a LIFE TIME!!!) without any accidents, I am ready to declare that NIXON IS OUT OF DIAPERS and IN BIG BOY UNDIES!!! Woo hoo! Oh my goodness, I think this was one of my toughest challenges yet as a Mommy!

Here are some of the STATS on his potty training:
(He is going to LOVE this blog entry when he's older!)
*Start date: Monday Oct 26th (5 accidents), lots of crying (i joined him by the end of the afternoon!)
*Potty Training Type: "Hold-Out-Kid." Less accidents. But holding out for up to 3.5hours at a time to go pee, just because he didn't want to face reality. Holding his #2 for up to 3 days, til he made his tummy hurt! I hate to admit this, but he gets this from my side of the family. (aah ahh choooRYANooo! oh, excuse me! allergies!)
*How long did we stay home? 3 days
*His Fave Big Boy Undies: Paul Frank Monkey Undies & Spiderman
*Potty Incentives that worked: Sugarless Gum and Coins$
*How many times we almost quit: 4
*When I knew he had it: Nov. 1st (my birthday!)
*Big Supporters: Daddy, Mimi, and Papa* (On Day 5, M&P took him overnight and continued the training. I think this change-up did WONDERS! New Trainers, New setting. :)
*First public bathroom he used: Henry's
*Crazyiest place he's gone: Post Office & Car Wash w/Daddy

Win-Win Situation

He got a workbench from Grandma

I got a live-in Toilet Scrubber!
I'm so thankful we survived Potty Boot Camp!


Kristy said...

Good job Mama! ...and Nix! I am calling you for moral support sometime...soon.

Yoichi said...

You did a great job babe...
Nix is a champ now..ha

Me & My Boys said...

Go Nix!!!!
Go Mommy!!! You rocked!!!
SO Awesome!!!
He looks so cute in his little undies, can't believe you don't have to deal with diapers anymore (or at least til Scarlett arrives! :)) Yay!!!!

wtspb2007 said...

I found your blog through a Google search on "Potty Boot Camp"...just wanted to congratulate your family on having a potty trained child! I love to hear success stories of any kind - with any method used.

I enjoyed your light-hearted post, it made me smile!

Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers"

The Barroga Family said...

Way to go Nixon!!! Good job mommy too =) It'll be great to have to buy diapers for one now =)